The SOLE PURPOSE of a Panther is to be a REVOLUTIONARY in the Black/Afrikan People’s liberation struggle, and to mobilize the masses towards self determination. A Panther MUST be a vanguard example at ALL TIMES. In order to accomplish this great and divine mission.
For the sake of our communities and future generations to come. We have to get in the fields of the community, if we TRULY DESIRE CHANGE! Then, is when we can begin to address the needs of the people.
Start by hosting a community gathering in the upcoming weeks, for the community. ” A Community Gathering for Knowledge and Change” multiple gatherings will be needed. Teach however possible (example: part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,910-20) 

Important Keys:

  • Knowing their rights within the states to recording police brutality
  • Policing their own community
  • Removing any persons disrupting the community(and we already know, that is not calling the POLICE…!!!! THEY MIGHT END UP DEAD…!!

Five Duties of a Panther:

  1. To be spiritually, culturally, and politically conscious.
  2. Respectful and courteous to all people and demand the same in return.
  3. Militant that always engaged in war for the minds and hearts of black people while carrying one’s self in an organized and orderly fashion.
  4. Humble-willing to release any arrogant attitude or superior idea of ones self.
  5. Discipline-willing to sacrifice your lower or personal desire for the greater good of the mission.

The Directors

Dr. Khalid Muhammad
Dr. Khalid Abul Muhammad, Former National Chairman of The New Black Panther of Self-Defense
Imaan Akbar, National Chief of Staff
National Chairman General minister Hashim Akhenaten Nzinga
Hashim Nzinga, National Chairman of The New Black Panther Party of Self-Defense/Publisher of Newspaper
Sister Empress Queen Yaa Asantawaa
Sister Empress Queen Yaa Asantawaa, National Assistant Chair
Malik Zulu Shabazz
Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, Chairman Emeritus
Sister Queen Nandi Olufemitaferi
Sister Queen Nandi Olufemitaferi, Minister of Finance

Newspaper Coming Soon